ASA Staff – St. Louis MO


Name Title Ext. #
Steve Censky Chief Executive Officer 1316
Madelyn Frazier Accounting Coordinator 1295
Farris Haley Project Coordinator 1284
Julie Hawkins Meeting Planner/Executive Asst. 1322
Michelle Hummel Industry and Stakeholder Relations Manager 1328
Michael Jones Operations Manager 1324
Byron Keelin Member and Leadership Education Development Manager 1355
Jordan Bright  Communications Manager 1344
Christine Luelf Industry and State Relations Development Manager 1291
Chris Merlotti Database Systems & Project Manager 1294
Kathie Mullen Project Coordinator 1302
Sharetha Newsome Office Manager 1312
Abby Podkul Commodity Classic Manager 1345
Bill Schuermann Executive Director,  Member & Industry Relations 1336
Brian Vaught Chief Financial Officer 1298
Jill Wagenblast Director, Marketing & Planning 1310
Kim Young Lead Accountant 1305
Eric DeMerit Program Assistant 1304
Lynn Engstrand Project Officer, Asia 1340
Elizabeth Hare Program Manager, Latin America and Pakistan 1359
Jim Hershey Executive Director 1314
Erica Morrow Program Manager, Africa 1283
Kendra Murphy Executive Assistant/Conf. Planner 1320
Josh Neiderman Project Officer, Africa 1301
Alan Poock Program Manager, Asia 1353
Ashley Wightman Communications Coordinator 1329
Vickie Wilks Director of Operations 1341