Vision & Mission

American Soybean Association
Vision, Mission, Purpose and Strategic Objectives

As Adopted by the Voting Delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Members
March 5, 2011

ASA Vision
The American Soybean Association (ASA) is recognized by the majority of U.S. soybean growers and industry for its vital role as their domestic and international policy advocate. ASA is clearly leading an expanding soybean value-chain, with farmers capturing a growing percentage. ASA’s development of influential and effective grower leaders is recognized throughout the agriculture industry. ASA is setting new standards in the quality and productivity of state relations.

ASA Mission
Increase market opportunities and value for U.S. soybean farmers. We achieve this through domestic and international policy advocacy, based on direction set by farmer members. Our efforts are guided by our commitment to produce food, feed and energy in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The American Soybean Association represents U.S. soybean farmers through policy advocacy and international market development.

ASA Goals
Goal 1: Policy Advocacy
– ASA members play an effective role in domestic and international policy development.

Goal 2: Membership – ASA provides value, opportunities and benefits to serve and engage members in association activities and to increase industry strength.

Goal 3: Domestic & International Use of Soy – ASA’s domestic and international market development, and humanitarian initiatives, benefit soybean farmers.

Goal 4: Industry & Consumer Relations – ASA works with industry partners and allied organizations to benefit the entire soybean industry.

Goal 5: Leadership Development & Grower Education – ASA delivers leadership training and educational programs that position growers to serve the soybean industry and safeguard grower opportunities to be successful.

Goal 6: Association Strength – ASA will maintain a world-class association to benefit members and the soybean industry.