ASA Wraps Up Very Successful Membership Year

ASA membership continues its membership climb and ended its FY 2013 year with 22,436 members. The FY 2013 total is a 6 percent increase with an addition of 1,238 more members from FY 2012. This is the second consecutive year of positive growth for ASA.

“We thank our recruiters and state associations for their efforts in achieving this increase,” said Bob Worth, ASA Member and Corporate Relations Chairman.

Twenty two state associations reached or exceeded their annual membership goal in 2013. These include the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association who is the top overall membership growth state with an increase of 357 members and the New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association with the top percentage membership growth at 223 percent (143 member increase).

ASA also congratulates its top member recruiters for 2013. These top nine recruiters, three from Level 1 (1,000 + members), three from Level 2,300 to 999 members), and three from Level 3 (50 to 299 members) were the top drivers that helped ASA cap off a very successful year.

Robert Nelsen (Minn.) earned top recruiter for Level 1 with 129 members recruited. Jim Miller (Neb) placed second with 68 members recruited and Jeff Sollars (Ohio) placed third with 50 members recruited.

Marvin Wahl (Kansas) earned the top recruiter for Level 2 with 98 members recruited. Marvin was also the top recruiter for Level 2 in 2012. Joe Schefers (S.D.) placed second with 75 members recruited and Harvey Morken (N.D.) placed third with 74 members recruited.

Tommy Hines (Va.) earned the top spot for Level 3 with 61 members recruited. Hines is a five-time winning recruiter for Level 3 (2009 – 2013). Todd DuMond (N.Y.) placed second with 17 members recruited and M.D. Floyd (S.C.) placed third with 10 members recruited.

Nelsen, Wahl and Hines along with representatives from Minnesota and New York state associations will be honored at the ASA Awards Banquet during Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas, Friday, February 28, 2014.

“The efforts of these recruiters in growing ASA membership, increases ASA’s influence to impact national policy and promote market opportunities and protect the interests of U.S. soybean farmers,” added Worth.