Federal Judge Blocks Maui GMO Ban

Last week a federal judge said Maui County cannot implement a new law that would ban the use of genetically modified crops. Voters approved the … Read More »

ASA Perspectives on the Mid-Term Elections

Picking through the debris left by this week’s mid-term election “tsunami,” our office has several observations on the Republican takeover of the Senate by winning eight … Read More »

Contact House Members and Urge their Support for HR 4432 the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act’

Ballot initiatives that would have required state-based labels on food products containing biotech ingredients failed in yesterday’s election in Coloradoand Oregon. The margins were 68 … Read More »

ASA Discusses Soy Sustainability Awareness in EU

ASA and others in the ag industry have formed the Globally Based Initiative (GBI) alliance as part of ongoing efforts to boost awareness of sustainable production … Read More »

ASA Issues Statement on Center for Food Safety Study on Soy in Infant Formula

Following the release of a study from the Center for Food Safety reported in Friday’s Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore., the American Soybean Association has … Read More »

ASA Continues Urging President Obama to Make China’s Biotech Approvals Process Priority at APEC Summit

As part of the ongoing effort by ASA and the U.S. Biotech Crops Alliance to elevate the importance of market access for agriculture in China, … Read More »

ASA and USBCA Urge White House to Push China on Timely Biotech Approvals

As a charter member of the U.S. Biotech Crops Alliance (USBCA), ASA and USBCA members urged President Barack Obama to address the persistent delays in … Read More »

USDA Announces Measures to Help Farmers Diversify Weed Control Efforts

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Wednesday announced several steps that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is taking to address the increase of herbicide resistant … Read More »

ASA Welcomes EPA Registration of Enlist Duo Herbicide

The farmer members of the American Soybean Association (ASA) welcome today’s decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to register Dow’s Enlist Duo herbicide for … Read More »

ASA Joins Committee Opposing Maui County Farming Ban

ASA recently joined Citizens Against Maui County Farming Ban, a committee opposing the proposed November ballot initiative that would ban certain types of farming, including … Read More »