Keystone Pipeline Bill Attracts Amendments on RFS, Trade

As the Senate considers a bill to approve the contentious Keystone XL pipeline, two amendments of interest to ASA have been filed that could potentially … Read More »

Soy Growers Welcome USDA Deregulation of Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that the agency will deregulate Monsanto’s Dicamba-resistant soybeans. Following the news, the American Soybean Association (ASA) issued a … Read More »

A Look Back at the Policy Wins for ASA in 2014

The 113th Congress has the dubious distinction of being the second-least productive in history, surpassed only by the 112th Congress.  Gridlock between the Obama Administration, … Read More »

ASA Attends Biotech Labeling Meetings with House Agriculture Staff

ASA Washington staff participated in separate meetings with the Republican and Democrat staff for the House Agriculture Committee to discuss preparations for the reintroduction of … Read More »

ASA Meets with Inter-Agency GLI Officials to Discuss Approved Biotech Events, Commercial Shipments

ASA Washington staff attended a meeting between the USBCA International Working Group and Administration officials who participate in the Global Low Level Presence Initiative (GLI), … Read More »

ASA Leaders Review Progress, Goals for Biotech Issues at USBCA Plenary

ASA President Wade Cowan, Chairman Ray Gaesser, ASA First Vice President Richard Wilkins, Past President Steve Wellman, CEO Steve Censky and Washington staff attended the … Read More »

ASA and USBCA Thank White House, Capitol Hill for Continued Efforts to Establish Comprehensive Framework for Biotech Approvals in China

ASA and the United States Biotech Crops Association (USBCA) thanked the White House and Capitol Hill this week for continued efforts to establish a timely, … Read More »

ASA Treasurer Speaks at ‘Washington Post’s’ Feeding the Future

ASA Treasurer and Delaware farmer Richard Wilkins was invited to speak Wednesday at the Washington Post’s Feeding the Future forum, where agriculture experts and policy … Read More »

Federal Judge Blocks Maui GMO Ban

Last week a federal judge said Maui County cannot implement a new law that would ban the use of genetically modified crops. Voters approved the … Read More »

ASA Perspectives on the Mid-Term Elections

Picking through the debris left by this week’s mid-term election “tsunami,” our office has several observations on the Republican takeover of the Senate by winning eight … Read More »