House Majority Whip Highlights Report on Importance of Mississippi River System to U.S. Soybean Exports

A study titled “Emerging South American Competitiveness to U.S. Soybean Exports” was released this week by the International Business Committee of the World Trade Center … Read More »

Progress on Relations with Cuba Creates Multiple Opportunities for American Soy

Per an announcement from the White House today, the United States will begin the process of normalizing its relations with Cuba. The announcement brings with … Read More »

ASA: ‘CRomnibus’ Provides Investments, Presents Setbacks for Soybean Growers

The Senate has passed a combination continuing resolution and omnibus spending bill that will fund the federal government for the 2015 fiscal year, after the … Read More »

ASA Treasurer Speaks at ‘Washington Post’s’ Feeding the Future

ASA Treasurer and Delaware farmer Richard Wilkins was invited to speak Wednesday at the Washington Post’s Feeding the Future forum, where agriculture experts and policy … Read More »

ASA and COOL Reform Coalition Ask Congress for Contingency Plan

Last week ASA and the COOL Reform Coalition sent a letter to Congress emphasizing the need for a contingency plan for COOL, and highlighting Secretary … Read More »

ASA Urges TPA Action Before End of Year

ASA and the Trade Benefits America (TBA) Coalition sent a letter this week urging passage of the bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation this year. … Read More »

ASA Discusses Sustainability, Biotech Acceptance and Future Trends at Bayer CropScience Event in Germany

Bayer CropScience hosted their Corn & Soybean Future Forum Oct.  29-31, in Frankfurt, Germany.  The event brought together farmer-leaders, agronomists, scientists and Bayer industry representatives … Read More »

ASA Perspectives on the Mid-Term Elections

Picking through the debris left by this week’s mid-term election “tsunami,” our office has several observations on the Republican takeover of the Senate by winning eight … Read More »

ASA Discusses Soy Sustainability Awareness in EU

ASA and others in the ag industry have formed the Globally Based Initiative (GBI) alliance as part of ongoing efforts to boost awareness of sustainable production … Read More »

U.S. Exports of soybeans, Soymeal Record High in 2013- 14

The U.S. Census Bureau released U.S. export data for September showing record highs for value and volume of soybeans and soymeal exported in 2013-14. The … Read More »