Last spring, 128 farmers from 16 states enrolled in the Soy Booster Field Trial program, sponsored by FMC and NACHURS. Through this program, farmers had the opportunity to try FMC’s Capture LFR (Liquid Fertilizer Ready) insecticide and NACHURS HKW6 liquid starter fertilizer on soybeans.

ASA helped facilitate the trial by promoting enrollment in the program to ASA members. The trial provided farmers with the opportunity to observe and measure how application of the insecticide with starter fertilizer could enhance production on their farm. Each farmer devoted 20 acres of treated and 20 acres of untreated soybeans to the trial. soybooster

Results of the program were very positive, with 74 percent of the plots showing positive results from using Capture LFR and NACHURS HKW6. Farmers who participated in the program in Michigan, North Dakota and Wisconsin observed yield increases in 100 percent of their test plots.

“FMC appreciates the evaluations of the ASA members who participated in the Soy Booster Field Trial Program,” said Rick Kesler, FMC Business Services Manager.

“It was very helpful to have so many farmers participate in the trial and report their results. The significant participation in this program shows that there continues to be strong interest in research to improve soybean yields, and this also remains a top priority for FMC.”

The average stand increase was 3,170 plants per acre. Most yield increases averaged about two bushels per acre. However, in some plots the increase was as high as 9 bushels per acre.

For details about the number of Soy Booster Plot plot locations per state, please see the map below.

      Program Map