‘Why I Support’ Series: Nebraska Soybean Grower Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith, former director of the Nebraska Soybean Association and grower from southeast Nebraska, took a moment to tell us why he chooses to support the World Soy Foundation (WSF)—specifically the Acre Challenge. Acre

The Acre Challenge, a fundraising campaign started by farmers FOR farmers, is a way U.S. soybean farmers can help alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world by donating the value of an acre of soybeans. The campaign begins Oct. 1 and runs for a full year. Just one acre of soybeans can make a life-changing difference. Did you know that one acre of soybeans, when converted into soybean oil and soy flour, provides enough high-quality fat and protein to meet the daily requirements for a balanced diet for 80 people for over a month?

The WSF is still celebrating Acre Challenge Month and working toward reaching our goal of $100,000 raised through the Campaign. We’re more than 85 percent of the way there and want to carry the momentum right through September.

Check out this quick VIDEO of Rodney as part of the “Why I Support” series, as he explains why he chooses to join the WSF in reducing malnutrition through the power of soy!

Thank you, Rodney, for your support! If you’d like to join Rodney in helping to reduce malnutrition through the power of soy, visit us online, or check us out on Twitter (@TheWSF), Facebook and YouTube!