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U of I Releases ARC-CO and PLC Payment Indicator for 2014 Crop Year Based on Latest WASDE Data

This week, the University of Illinois’ Carl Zulauf and Gary Schnitke released payment level indicators for ARC-CO and PLC payments based on the Oct. 10, 2014 WASDE U.S. yield and U.S. price projections for soybeans and other crops. The article updates previous indicators given in August and September. According to the article, estimated payments are referred to as indicator estimates because they use U.S. yield not the county yield used by ARC-CO or farm payment yield used by PLC. The estimates are not payments an individual FSA farm will receive. Nevertheless, the indicator estimates using U.S. yields should help frame perspectives and questions for FSA farm owners and operators regarding program choices. More information can be found here.

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