The World Soy Foundation’s Week Three Spotlight Feature

Our Week Three Spotlight takes us to Villa Nueva, Guatemala and The Santa Maria del Divino Infante Center. This center works to support parents in the care and education of children, promoting development projects for women in the community and providing daycare to children in need, including serving over 250 children a breakfast each day that is prepared with soy. WSF3

In conjunction with Food for the Poor and Caritas Guatemala, the WSF provides high protein soybeans to seven local organizations, including the Santa Maria del Divino Infante Center. All seven organizations process soybeans into soymilk and other soyfoods including, donuts, breads, pancakes and cookies. Many of them can also sell a portion of the soy products to the surrounding community, creating a self-sustaining microenterprise.

Six-year-old Anita is a success story of the Center. Abandoned by her mother when she was just a toddler, Anita began attending preschool when she was three, where she receives soymilk everyday as part of her breakfast. She told the WSF that she loved having the soymilk every morning. Because of the generosity of people like you, Anita is able to get the nutrition she needs to grow and thrive.