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ASA Applauds AgrEvo Effort to Protect U.S. Soybean Export Markets

American Soybean Association (ASA) leaders have come out in support of AgrEvo USA Company’s decision to postpone the commercial introduction of LibertyLinkâ soybeans that was planned for this spring. The company, instead, will focus on seed production for 1999. “The American Soybean Association lauds AgrEvo’s decision to delay the commercial launch and instead concentrate on … Read More »

ASA Outlines Trade Policy Goals In Wake Of Record Crop Projections

American Soybean Association (ASA) First Vice President Mike Yost said today, “The projected record 1998 U.S. soybean crop sends a strong message to Washington that U.S. farmers must have aggressive trade and export policies to ensure agriculture’s future profitability.” According to Yost, “There are important international issues facing the Administration and Congress right now, and … Read More »