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ASA Calls for Equitable Sales Practices for Soybean Seedstock

The American Soybean Association (ASA) is calling for Monsanto Company to remedy inequities that are disadvantaging U.S. farmers in the global marketplace. ASA is concerned with the large disparity of Roundup Ready® soybean seed prices and business practices between the United States and Argentina, which was highlighted in a U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) report … Read More »

ASA Again Appeals to Vice President Gore for More Soy Food Aid

The American Soybean Association (ASA) is renewing its call for Vice President Al Gore to personally intervene in efforts to include large quantities of soy in U.S. food aid initiatives following the announcement last week that only 425,000 tons of soybeans and soybean products were included in the government’s recent Food Aid package. ASA previously … Read More »

ASA Urges Growers to Participate in Oilseed Payment Program

The American Soybean Association is urging soybean growers to participate in the $475 million Oilseed Payment Program that was approved by Congress last year as part of a comprehensive emergency farm assistance package. The money will assist farmers who are struggling with historically low farm prices. “ASA appreciates the support of the Congress and the … Read More »

ASA Guarded on Implementation of Biosafety Protocol

The American Soybean Association (ASA) is taking a wait and see position toward the Biosafety Protocol recently completed in Montreal, Canada. In the view of the ASA, the accord has several positive provisions, as well as a few areas of potential concern. “Commodity soybean trade will go on largely as it does today,” said ASA … Read More »