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ASA Voting Delegates Set Policy Direction for 2009-2010

Soybean producers gathered in Grapevine, Texas this week to review and revise the policy direction of the American Soybean Association (ASA). One hundred thirty four producers from ASA’s 25 state affiliates served as Voting Delegates in this annual process that guides the ASA as it pursues future initiatives to improve U.S. soybean farmer profitability. The … Read More »

ASA Welcomes South Korean Regulatory Approvals for New Soybean Traits

The American Soybean Association (ASA) welcomes today’s announcements that two new biotech-enhanced soybean varieties, the Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ Soybean (MON 89788) from Monsanto and the LibertyLink® soybeans (A2704-12) from Bayer CropScience have both achieved additional import approval milestones from Korean regulatory agencies that pave the way for commercialization in the United States. “The American … Read More »

ASA and BASF Invite Growers to Sign Up for 2009 SOY Challenge

The American Soybean Association and BASF Corporation are inviting U.S. soybean producers to sign up for the 2009 Secure Optimal Yield (SOY) Challenge. In pursuit of greater profitability, nearly 300 growers in 25 states took part in the 2008 SOY program, and many more utilized the methods and products described in the program to conduct … Read More »

ASA Celebrates 7th Annual Congressional Soyfoods Lunch On Capitol Hill

The nation’s soybean producers, through the American Soybean Association (ASA), will serve an array of soy-based foods to members of Congress, government officials and industry representatives at a special Capitol Hill luncheon. The Seventh Annual Congressional Soyfoods Lunch is slated for noon to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11, in Room 1302, Longworth House Office … Read More »

ASA Welcomes USDA Funding for Soybean Rust Monitoring

The American Soybean Association (ASA) welcomes the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announcement to continue the Asian Soybean Rust Pest Information Platform for Education and Extension (PIPE). ASA has been working with USDA and Congress to secure federal funding for PIPE because the system helps protect the U.S. soybean crop valued at more than … Read More »