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Farm Bill Update

ASA has consistently called for a new five-year farm bill to provide certainty and long-term stability in farm support programs during this ongoing period of low crop prices and farm incomes – circumstances exacerbated by China’s retaliatory tariff on U.S. soybeans during the current trade war with China. With volatile conditions surrounding U.S. trade relationships … Read More »

U.S. Philippines Possible Free Trade Agreement

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and his Philippine counterpart announced this week that the two countries agreed to improve agricultural trade by working towards reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers. This is a possible first step in moving towards a free trade agreement with the Philippines, which ASA has on its short list of desired trading … Read More »

President Signs America’s Water Infrastructure Act/WRDA 2018 Into Law

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed into law America’s Water Infrastructure Act, which includes the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2018 that authorizes Corps of Engineers’ work on locks and dams, dredging and other water resources projects. The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 99 to 1 on Oct. 10, and the House … Read More »

ASA/WISHH Hosts Animal Feed Week Events in Cambodia

ASA/WISHH recently organized several animal feed activities in Cambodia. U.S. soybean and soybean meal exports to Cambodia grew from zero in 2010, to over 52,000 MT in marketing year 2017. U.S. soy exports are expected to continue to grow to Cambodia given a growing population and growing economy, which lead to an increasing demand for … Read More »

Hershey Retires & Accepts Cambodia Post/Hare is New WISHH Executive Director

Jim Hershey concluded 26 years of regional and global market development leadership when he retired as WISHH executive director on Oct. 19. Hershey has accepted the assignment to be ASA/WISHH’s Chief of Party (CoP) for the newly launched USDA Food for Progress-funded CAST project in Cambodia. Effective Oct. 22, Liz Hare took the reins as … Read More »

Soy Staff Comes Together to Talk Strengthening the Industry

Members of the soy family met in St. Louis this week to talk strengthening the industry through collaboration. During ASA’s annual State Staff meeting, state and national staff received policy updates and participated in sessions focused on social media advocacy; shared in-state best practices and discussed ways to engage growers in soy policy and encourage … Read More »

Continuing Momentum of Free Trade Agreements Welcome News for Soybean Growers

Trade negotiations are officially on the horizon with the European Union, Japan and the United Kingdom, continuing the momentum generated by a bilateral deal with South Korea (KORUS) and a renegotiated NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada, now the USMCA. The American Soybean Association (ASA) has consistently requested a negotiated solution to the trade war … Read More »

ASA pushes for extension of biodiesel tax incentive

This week ASA has been connecting with its members and followers to encourage Congress to pass a multi-year extension of the biodiesel and renewable diesel incentive in tax policy. The tax credit would help blenders and fuel marketers expand the use of biodiesel. When the extensions are short-term, the industry does not have the stability it needs … Read More »

ASA/WISHH follows up on food grade soybeans with Myanmar

ASA/WISHH is in North Dakota this week, learning more about the growing and handling of food grade soybeans, the contracting process and meeting with U.S. exporters. Rick Chase, ASA/WISHH’s in-country representative for Myanmar, is attending the course at the Northern Crops Institute (NCI) and will use the content to follow-up with Myanmar soymilk and tofu … Read More »

WRDA 2018 heads to President’s desk

This week the U.S. Senate voted 99-1 to approve America’s Water Infrastructure Act, which includes the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2018.  WRDA authorizes the programs and projects carried out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on locks and dams, dredging and other waterways projects. ASA supports WRDA reauthorization to continue the progress … Read More »