Standing Committees

Trade Policy and International Affairs Committee

This committee is responsible for establishing export promotion priorities, evaluating promotion projects, and recommending funding levels to implement such projects.

John Heisdorffer, Chairman

Kevin Scott, Vice Chair

  • Sam Butler
  • Jim Miller
  • Monte Peterson
  • E.L. Reed
  • Joel Schreurs
  • Joe Steinkamp
  • Matt Stutzman
  • Bill Wykes
SOYPAC Committee

Steve Censky, Treasurer

  • Jerry Bambauer
  • Bruce Hall
  • Cliff Barron
  • Kendell Culp
  • Ed Erickson, Jr.
  • George Goblish
  • Morey Hill
  • Willard Jack
  • Bill Raben
  • E.L. Reed
  • Jimmy Thomas
WISHH Committee
  • E.L. Reed
  • Bill Wykes
Commodity Classic Committee

Ed Erickson, Jr., Chairman

  • Wade Cowan
  • Gerry Hayden
  • Bill Wykes, designee-elect
Audit Committee
The Audit Committee recommends to the Board the selection or confirmation of the auditor, receives the auditor’s reports, monitors progress or improvements recommended by the auditor and reports annually to the Board of Directors.

Jeff Sollars, Chairman

Ken Boswell, Vice Chairman

  • Sam Butler
  • Wayne Fredericks
  • Kurt Krueger
  • Brian Ogletree
  • Kevin Scott
  • Ex Officio:  Bill Gordon (Treasurer)
Nominating Committee
This committee presents nominations for the officers to be elected at the ASA annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made by any Director at the meeting.

Richard Wilkins, Chairman

Wade Cowan, Vice Chair

  • Jeff Sollars
  • Dave Poppens
Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee annually reviews the ASA bylaws to ensure they are current, relevant and meet the needs of the Association to function as a viable, legal organization in attaining its goals. The Committee makes recommended amendment changes for Board approval.

Richard Wilkins, Chairman

Lawrence Sukalski, Vice Chairman

  • Charles Atkinson
  • Dean Coleman
  • Kendell Culp
  • Brian Ogletree