ASA Staff – Washington, DC

Name Title Tel. No.
Hanna Abou-El-Seoud ASA Washington Representative 202-969-7040
Wendy Brannen ASA Director of Policy Communications 202-684-6070
Blair Elias ASA Washington Office Manager 202-969-7040
John Gordley Director, ASA Washington Office 202-969-7040
Tom Hance ASA Washington Representative 202-969-7040
Renee Munasifi ASA Washington Representative 202-969-7040
Bev Paul Assistant Director, ASA Washington Office 202-969-7040
Jessica Wharton ASA State Policy & Communications Coordinator  202-969-7040

ASA Washington Office 
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Suite 320
Washington, D.C. 20003 USA

Phone: (202) 969-7040

John Gordley, Director, ASA Washington Office
Farm Programs and Policy
World Trade Organization
International Sustainable Agriculture
Wendy Brannen, ASA Director of Policy Communications
Media Relations and Communications
Federal and State Government Communications
ASA Policy Updates and Publications
Beverly Paul, Assistance Director, ASA Washington Office
Crop Insurance
Agriculture Research
Food Safety
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Agricultural Data
Hanna Abou-El-Seoud, ASA Washington Representative
Bilateral Trade
Free Trade and Regional Trade Agreements
International Food Assistance
International Agricultural Development
International Biotechnology
Blair Elias, ASA Washington Office Manager
Office Management
Travel and Meeting Planning
PowerPoint and Document Preparation
Tom Hance, ASA Washington Representative
Biobased Products
Transportation and Infrastructure
Tax Issues
Renee Munasifi, ASA Washington Representative
Crop Protection Issues
Domestic Biotechnology
Plant Breeding Innovation
Other Regulatory Issues
Jessica Wharton, ASA State Policy & Communications Coordinator
Soybean State Affiliate Policy Communications
Soybean State Affiliate Policy Coordination