Mauricio Garcia

McAllen, TX

Mauricio Garcia is a fourth generation farmer/rancher from south Texas. He lives and works with his parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and sisters at Garcia Grain Trading, which has 3,000 acres growing soybean, corn, milo, cotton and vegetables.

The company is actively engaged in a soybean improvement program for Texas farmers, and is getting ready to commercialize a variety that works for the Rio Grande Valley in 2021.

In addition, they operate six grain elevators in McCook, Donna, Santa Rosa, Edcouch, Alamo and Progreso. These elevators annually export .5 MMT or about 20,000,000 bu of grain, including rice, sunflower, canola, sesame and dry-edible beans to Mexico. They are the largest exporter of Texas soybeans into Mexico, and one of the largest exporters of pinto and black edible beans to Mexico.

Garcia Grain Trading also own 100 head of registered brahman momma cows and 25 commercial red and black angus momma cows.

Mauricio graduated with an Economics degree from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is passionate about farming best practices, agronomy, merchandising, and learning from other farmers and people in the ag industry. He is active with his church and community and enjoys hunting, fishing, triathlons, history and linguistics.