About ASA Director: Brian Ogletree

Milner, GA

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Brian Ogletree, a farmer from Milner, Ga., has been on the American Soybean Association (ASA) Board of Directors since 2016.

He’s a fourth generation grower who’s been farming alongside his father, Bobby, since 2001. Ogletree double crops 2,000 acres and grows soybeans, wheat, browntop millet, red clover, Serica Lespedeza, Australian winter peas. He owns a seed processing facility in Orchard Hill Georgia, where he processes his own seeds and does some custom work. Ogletree also has a small cow calf operation of around fifty head. His family farm has been no till for last 50 years.

Ogletree has served on the Georgia/Florida Soybean Association since 2011. He’s also been involved with Georgia soybean commission, the Georgia Farm Bureau and on the Southern Rivers Energy Board of Directors.

In 2012, Ogletree was the Georgia state soybean yield contest winner.

He’s been married to his wife, Melissa, since 2001 and they have three children: twin boys, Logan and Mason and daughter Olivia.

In 2003, Ogletree obtained his commercial pilot’s license.