Agriculture Communications Team

This training program sponsored by Bayer Crop Science seeks soybean farmers with a passion for interacting with consumers and the media to spread accurate messages about modern agriculture.

ACT teammates help ASA respond to issues at national, regional, and local levels, particularly through social media channels. ACT serves an important role as a tool for sharing the soy story while supporting the entire ag industry. Participants go through media training, walking through best practices on how to engage media or talk one on one, whether with a neighbor, a stranger on a plane, a home state representative, speaking at an industry event, or addressing a larger audience on social media.

During the program, participants work with media trainers who help them polish their communication skills, work on any perceived weaknesses they may have, and learn how to narrow and refine their message during interviews, including staying focused on relevant talking points. Participants also develop a strong support network with other social media advocates.

Grower-members of the ACT share their stories and real-life experiences through a variety of vehicles including social media channels, personal and professional blogs, individual and community outreach.

For more information, contact Christine Luelf in the ASA office at 314-754-1291, or