World Soy Foundation

A SoyCow in action in Guatemala, where the World Soy Foundation has installed several SoyCows that produce nutritious soy milk using U.S. soybeans.

In 2006, ASA and WISHH leadership, received 501 C3 charitable organization designation from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the World Soy Foundation. With this designation, The World Soy Foundation (WSF) is able to solicit funding from public and private foundations, individuals and industry, offering tax deductibility for the contributions.

The WSF, operated by the ASA, works with private voluntary and non-governmental organizations to deliver soy protein and nutrition education to people who need it around the world. Projects sponsored by the World Soy Foundation include complementary foods for children 6-36 months, school feeding programs, enterprise development and soy nutritional services.

Created as the humanitarian arm of the soy industry, the World Soy Foundation is different from the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) Program that U.S. soybean growers also support. While some of the work WISHH did in its early years was humanitarian in nature, the World Soy Foundation expands on that experience. The Mission of the World Soy Foundation is “sustainable nutrition for all.” To learn more about The World Soy Foundation please visit:

You are invited to join this unique grass roots humanitarian project by donating the value of ONE ACRE OF SOYBEANS that you have produced on your own farm operation to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world. Learn more.