Animal Agriculture


ASA Positions

  • -ASA stands beside animal agriculture, which consumes 97 percent of our soybean meal.
  • While ASA supports our dairy customers, we oppose the DAIRY PRIDE Act, as soymilk is a common and well-understood term among consumers.


Learn more about animal agriculture from the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

Issues Background
Animal agriculture is the soybean industry’s largest customer, and over 90% of U.S. soybeans produced are used as a high-quality protein source for animal feed. Domestic livestock consumed 28 million metric tons of soybean meal in 2010, using nearly 80% of all the soybean meal processed in this country.

We realize that the drought of 2012 took a particularly hard toll on livestock producers, and led many groups to call for a separate disaster bill to compensate these farmers and ranchers. The disaster assistance provisions in the 2013 Farm Bill will provide our colleagues in the livestock industry, who depend on soybeans as a steady source of protein-rich feed, with the disaster assistance they need.

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