RIPE for Agricultural Producers

Rural Investment to Protect our Environment is a farmer-led, bipartisan dialogue aiming to create common sense climate policy that allows farmers to earn a fair profit for investing in voluntary stewardship practices that deliver natural resource benefits. ASA is pleased to have representation on the RIPE Steering Committee.

RIPE’s mission is to design a climate policy that works not only for the environment but also for farmers. It is advancing a conversation about federal climate policy that would include a federal fund to compensate farmers for their voluntary stewardship practices at around $100 per acre or animal unit, which is a rate that would deliver a profit opportunity by aligning the payment with the public value delivered to climate, water quality, soil health, air quality, water conservation, and other benefits. RIPE would like to change environmentally-oriented policy from a cost-share principle to a profit-creation principle for farmers. This enables a coalition of agricultural trade associations and environmental groups to jointly influence rural and urban policymakers for policy that benefits both stakeholders’ core needs for the long term.

Among RIPE’s core policy principles:

  • Reward voluntary and practical stewardship practices at levels reflecting public value from stacked ecosystem services
  • Provide a profit opportunity that is fair and meaningful as a stewardship incentive
  • Assure carbon compensation fully covers input cost increases
  • Set reimbursement at 100%, in contrast to the cost share principles of current conservation programs
  • Establish that agriculture’s contributions to climate mitigation are voluntary and incentive-based, not regulatory.