News Releases

Nill Named Deputy Director, ASA International Marketing

December 9, 1996

ASA Executive Director for International Marketing Jim Guinn announced today that Kimball Nill has joined the American Soybean Association as Deputy Director for the International Marketing Department, a position previously held by Guinn. "Kimball brings to the ASA skills and...


ASA Opens Marketing Office in India

September 3, 1996

Builds Future Demand For U.S. Soybeans The American Soybean Association announces the opening of its Asia Subcontinent Office in India and the appointment of Virgil Miedema as Regional Director, Asia Subcontinent. ASA President David Erickson said, "This area of the...


American Soybean Association Board Announces New Officers

August 5, 1996

The Board of Directors for the American Soybean Association announces the confirmation of John Long from Newberry, South Carolina, as the Association's new Chairman, and David Erickson from Altona, Illinois, as the Association's new President. The Board also elected Mark...


ASA Contracts Representation in Vietnam

August 2, 1996

The American Soybean Association and the US Feed Grains Council have contracted for representation in Vietnam to reinforce and expand market development activities for both organizations. ASA President John Long said, "Vietnam is a country of more than 74 million...


Guinn to Head ASA International Marketing

May 20, 1996

ASA Chief Executive Officer Stephen Censky has named James M. Guinn to head the International Marketing Department of the Amercian Soybean Association, a position previously held by Censky. "Jim's dedication, his knowledge of ASA's international programs and the respect he...


ASA Urges President Clinton to Extend MFN for China

May 13, 1996

The American Soybean Association and a group of 23 other farm organizations and agribusinesses representing all sectors of US agriculture, today urged President Bill Clinton to unconditionally renew China's Most Favored Nation (MFN) trading status. ASA Executive Committee member John...


Proposed Rail Merger is Major Concern for Farmers

May 6, 1996

John Long, a soybean producer from Newberry, South Carolina, and President of the American Soybean Association has expressed the concerns of ASA's 29,000 producer members to Congressman Pat Roberts (R-KS) regarding a proposed merger of Union Pacific and Southern Pacific...


ASA Seeking USDA Help to Fund Soybean Rust Monitoring and Early-Warning System

October 7, 0208

The American Soybean Association (ASA) is urgently requesting help from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Ed Schafer in funding for 2009 the soybean rust early warning and management system that has helped soybean farmers manage and protect their crops....

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