Soy Growers Support Bill to Lift Trade Embargo with Cuba

Jun 11, 2015

Sens. Jerry Moran and Angus King introduced a bill on Thursday, intended to fully lift the trade embargo with Cuba. The Cuba Trade Act of 2015 would grant the private sector the freedom to trade with Cuba, while protecting taxpayer interest from any risk associated with such trade.

The bill would continue the prohibition of the United States Department of Agriculture-Foreign Agriculture Services (USDA-FAS) Market Development Programs (MAP, FMD, EMP and TASC), USDA-FAS Export Financing programs (GSM-102) and the Export-Import Bank from expending federal funds to finance or promote Cuba trade. However, importantly, USDA-Agriculture Marketing Service Research and promotion programs, better known as commodity checkoff programs, would be allowed to be used because they are producer funded programs. Sen. Moran believes there is a clear distinction between commodity checkoff funds and general taxpayer dollars.

The United States Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC), which ASA is a part of, supports this bill and other bipartisan bills that seek to normalize trade relations with Cuba.