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Soy Checkoff
VIDEO: Value of the Soy Checkoff

In this two-minute video, USB Director William Layton talks about the important advantages that the soy checkoff provides for U.S. soybean farmers—advantages they don’t have on their own.

VIDEO: Value of Protein and Oil Components in Soybeans

In this two minute video, USB Director Jared Hagert talks about the soy checkoff’s efforts to help farmers and everyone in the soy value chain understand how significant value can be achieved by maximizing the protein and oil components of soybeans.

How Soy Checkoff Works
U.S. Soy Advantage

America’s soybean farmers are keeping up with the global demand for sustainable U.S. soy. U.S. technology innovation is keeping it that way.

There are multiple elements of U.S. soy sustainability.

Soybean Volume and Value
Plant Breeding Innovation

Plant breeding innovation and frequently asked questions.


The Center for Food Integrity
A Dangerous Food Disconnect

A Dangerous Food Disconnect. When consumers hold you responsbile but don’t trust you.

Inside the Minds of Influencers

Inside the Minds of Influencers. The truth about trust. 2016 consumer trust research summary.


U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance
Agriculture Sustainability Report

Agriculture in America Sustainability Report 2017. Highlights examples of sustainable practices happening on farms and ranches all across the nation.