Liz Hare

WISHH– Executive Director


While no one predicted a year like 2020, visionary U.S. soybean growers did anticipate a powerful role for soy to fill protein gaps in emerging and developing markets. Today, Liz Hare leads the now 20-year-old organization that U.S. soybean farmers established to connect trade and development across global market systems, improving food security. Hare connected with the American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) program while working and living in Central America where she executed development programs that had also validated the importance of soy protein for nutrition. WISHH recruited her to lead its programs in Central America and Pakistan before tapping her to take the reins of the organization as executive director in 2018.

Prior to joining WISHH, Liz also served as a policy assistant in a U.S. Senate office on Capitol Hill. Liz received her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Psychology from Saint Louis University and holds a dual master’s in Development Management and Policy from Georgetown University and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Argentina. As a mother of three as well as WISHH’s executive director, Liz is professionally and personally committed to harnessing the power of protein to improve lives and economic opportunities worldwide.