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Valent, ASA Ag Voices of the Future Students Attend the AFA Leaders Conference

Through the Valent USA sponsorship of the ASA Ag Voices of the Future program, two students from the 2018 class attended the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Leaders Conference, Nov. 1-4, 2018, in Kansas City, Mo.  Nathalie Yoder from Altha, Fla. and Caleb Swears from Carlisle, Ark., were selected from the 10 students who participated … Read More »

Results of Mid-Term Elections

As anticipated in most pre-election polls, Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress, and Republicans added at least two seats to their narrow majority in the Senate. With several races still too close to call, while absentee ballots are counted, Democrats added a net of at least 28 House … Read More »

Midterm Results Support Renewed Effort to Finish 2018 Farm Bill

While the results of the Congressional mid-term elections on Tuesday had been widely expected, they should accelerate efforts by Agriculture Committee leaders to finish the 2018 Farm Bill before the 115th Congress adjourns in December. In the Senate, the net addition of two or possibly three Republican seats will not affect the need for a … Read More »

El Salvador Evaluates New U.S. Soy Recipes for School Meals

WISHH’s work in Central America and U.S.-based trainings have prompted El Salvador’s Ministry of Education and a non-governmental organization to evaluate three new recipes made with U.S. soy and corn for the country’s school meal program that feeds 1.2 million children. A long-time WISHH supply chain partner company based in Guatemala, the Alimentos, S.A. company, … Read More »

Midterms Over, Soy Looks to Future with Hopes of New Farm Bill

The polls are closed, the votes are in. No matter the final tally of D’s or R’s, the soybean industry is eager to work with the new Congress in January and, meantime, see the 115th Congress conclude with a successful swan song, one note of which it hopes is a new farm bill. Agriculture has … Read More »