ASA works to advance soybean biotech priorities within Congress and regulatory agencies.

Photo courtesy of USB

ASA supports efforts to modernize the federal regulatory framework for plant biotechnology, provided any changes do not disrupt foreign market access and approval procedures by their governments. We oppose requiring pre-market regulatory approval of plant breeding innovations developed through gene editing that result in plant traits that could occur naturally or through traditional breeding.


ASA supports the uniform, national disclosure of biotechnology ingredient disclosure as established by the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. This law sets a consistent national standard that preempts a disruptive patchwork of individual state labeling laws while providing meaningful, accurate information to consumers.


ASA opposes a patchwork of state labeling requirements for foods containing biotech products and supports Public Law 114-216, the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, which sets a uniform national standard that preempts individual state laws requiring labeling of foods containing bioengineered (BE) ingredients. We are supportive of the definition of “bioengineering” found in Section 291, which excludes modifications that could have been obtained through conventional breeding or found in nature and are pleased that USDA’s final rule adheres to the statute.