If you or someone else is experiencing farm stress,
there are resources to help.

Farmers take on a lot of things solo. Stress doesn’t have to be one of those.

ASA and other soy groups are devoted to the wellbeing of farmers – including combating farm stress so often experienced by growers and their families. Our #SoyHelp resources are available for those who may be struggling, whether with situational stress, ongoing depression, thoughts of suicide and more. ASA cares, and we want to be a source of information and ideas for seeking qualified help.


ASA National Resources – General and Farm-Specific


ASA is pleased to support Rural Minds™, a leading nonprofit dedicated to improving mental health in rural communities. As a member of the Rural Minds Partnership Council, ASA helps share Rural Minds’ resources for seeking help, including those of the Rural Mental Health Resilience Program. This initiative is aimed at addressing the pressing mental health crisis affecting America's farm families and rural residents. Rural Minds and ASA are committed to providing essential resources, educational content and support services to empower rural communities in confronting mental health challenges.