United Soybean Board / Soy Checkoff

United Soybean Board (the soy checkoff) grows preference for U.S. soy and increases profit opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers. This includes delivering meaningful results in production research, value chain marketing, new industrial uses and cultivating markets here and abroad, all of which work in unity with ASA’s collaborative efforts in policy and trade. Visit USB’s website to find out more of what they do for soybean farmers and the soy industry.

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See below for videos with USB directors talking about key soy checkoff issues.

VIDEO: USB Director Keith Kemp talks improving America’s infrastructure. (1:36 minutes) 8/7/19

VIDEO:  USB Director Keith Kemp discusses producing more with less using biotechnology. (1:12 minutes) 8/7/19

VIDEO: USB Chairman Keith Tapp says for farmers sustainability means looking at new techniques, new uses, new ways to use the implements you have in producing a product. (1:28 minutes) 8/7/19

VIDEO: USB Chairman Keith Tapp discusses the importance of trade. (1:53 minutes) 7/31/19

VIDEO: USB Director Gregg Fujan talks about how biotechnology benefits both farmers and consumers. (2:30 minutes) 2/6/2019

VIDEO: USB Director Gregg Fujan discusses the growth and benefits of high oleic soybean oil. (2:00 minutes) 1/28/2019