Farm Policy

Farm policy is critically important to U.S. agricultural producers, rural communities, and consumers. Policies provided through the multi-year farm bill enhance farmers’ ability to manage risk and enable the production of food, feed, fuel, and biobased products.


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As Congress moves forward with farm bill reauthorization, ASA supports a bipartisan, meaningful, comprehensive, and sufficiently funded 2023 Farm Bill. This includes:


  • Improving the farm safety net for soybeans to be more responsive and predictable
  • Protecting and enhancing crop insurance to assist with volatile weather and crop loss
  • Expanding trade promotion programs to help grow and diversify agricultural markets
  • Enabling greater access to voluntary conservation programs to meet demand
  • Building biobased market opportunities to promote soy utilization
  • Providing biofuels opportunities to help the nation become more energy independent
  • Investing in research for innovation and competitiveness
  • Maintaining the farmer-financed soybean research and promotion checkoff

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