Economist’s Angle

ASA Survey Shows Herbicide Strategy Compliance Difficult for Farmers

February 8, 2024

Scott Gerlt, PhD and Kyle Kunkler The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed several pesticide registration plans that could significantly affect farmers’ abilities to utilize herbicides. EPA is responsible for approving registrations on pesticides in the ...


California’s Proposed Changes to Fuels Program Presents Mixed Bag for Soybeans

January 11, 2024

Dr.  Scott Gerlt • ASA Chief Economist California is the land of redwoods, Hollywood, and renewable diesel. The state accounted for 10% of gasoline consumption and 7% of diesel consumption in the U.S. in 2021.[i] ...


EPA Pesticide Proposal Would Significantly Affect Millions of Soy Acres

November 2, 2023

By Scott Gerlt • ASA Chief Economist The Environmental Protection Agency has recently released several proposals regarding its Endangered Species Act commitments under its pesticide program. One such proposal could significantly hinder or prevent pesticide ...


Title I Adjustments Could Enhance Effectiveness of the Farm Safety Net: Part II

September 7, 2023

By Scott Gerlt • ASA Chief Economist   The agricultural safety net programs are intended to help producers remain solvent during adverse conditions. Title I of the farm bill contains programs in particular that are designed ...


Economist’s Angle: Ain’t No River High Enough

August 10, 2023

By Kelsey Story • Guest Author/ASA Economics Intern  There is a major weather phenomenon that occurs every few years that changes weather patterns all over the world. While La Nina and El Nino mostly affect ...

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