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About SoyPAC

The American Soybean Association’s political action committee is called SoyPAC. Any ASA member may make a contribution to SoyPAC, which provides ASA with the resources to give appropriate support to legislators who champion soybean farmer priorities and policies that protect and increase the market value and opportunities for soybean growers.

Federal legislation and regulations on things like biodiesel, transportation, trade, energy, taxes and agriculture research directly affect soybean farmer profitability. Through SoyPAC, ASA is able to support those legislators who understand agriculture and support soybean issues, and to help ensure that legislators with less agricultural knowledge will listen to ASA and help advocate issues in a way that benefits soybean farmers.


We hope you will join us for the 11th annual Soy Social and Auction in New Orleans in 2016! Check back later for more information! 


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Contribute to SoyPAC