Mike Koehne

Greensburg, IN

Mike Koehne is a first-generation farmer from Greensburg (Decatur County) in southeast Indiana. He farms 900 acres with his wife, Jill, and their four children, Rebecca, Luke, Logan and Caroline. The Koehnes raise high oleic and food-grade soybeans, which they ship by container to Japan and Taiwan. They also grow corn for the Kentucky bourbon market and for dry millers in Japan.

In addition to corn and soy, Mike and his family raise cattle and grow hay. For the last 17 years, they have operated a farm drainage business. The Koehnes previously owned and operated a trucking company for 19 years, by which they hauled livestock in 38 of lower 48 states.

Mike is an active member of and recent officer on the Indiana Soybean Alliance. He serves on the Soybean Transportation Coalition and state NRCS technology committee. Outside the soybean family, he is on the Indiana Land Improvement Contractors Association, where he has served as president and remains a board member.