Farm Bill for America’s Families: Sustaining Our Future

Nov 20, 2023

Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation 

By Zippy Duvall, American Farm Bureau Federation President

The clock is about to run out on the current farm bill, and it’s going to take a strong effort across agriculture and beyond to ensure we get a 2023 farm bill as soon as possible. The farm bill matters to all Americans, and we cannot afford to put our nation’s food, fiber and fuel supply at risk, especially as we continue to face the impact of inflation and supply chain disruptions around the globe. 

That's why the American Farm Bureau led the way in bringing together a diverse group of agricultural, environmental, forestry, wildlife, nutrition and hunger advocates to launch the “Farm Bill for America’s Families: Sustaining Our Future” campaign. We are proud to be partnering with groups like the American Soybean Association and a number of your state organizations. Together, we are calling on Congress to craft an effective farm bill this year, and we’re inviting more to join us.  

When we lock arms across agriculture and beyond, lawmakers take notice. Finding common ground with a diverse group of stakeholders is truly powerful in showing how important the farm bill is for our nation. Currently, 260 members of Congress have never voted on a farm bill, and our research shows that 71% of adults don’t know much, if anything, about the bill. Now is the time to engage with consumers, leaders and lawmakers alike. We need all Americans to understand why the farm bill matters—and to urge their members of Congress do their job and pass the bill. 

I like to remind folks that the farm bill could really be called a food and farm bill because of its far-reaching impact. Farmers know firsthand how important farm bill programs like crop insurance are to keeping farms running through tough times like weather disasters, high inflation and supply chain disruptions. But the farm bill covers a lot more than crop insurance. That’s why Farm Bill for America’s Families is highlighting how the farm bill is critical not only to risk management but also to food security, job creation, conservation and addressing hunger. 

We want everyone to see the critical role the farm bill plays in investing in the future of our food system and the health of our natural resources—from voluntary conservation programs to advancing agricultural research. Thanks to the farm bill, U.S. farmers are leading the way in sustainability and have enrolled 140 million acres (a land mass the size of New York and California combined) in conservation programs. Through farm bill nutrition programs, farmers also play a role in providing 9 billion meals every year to those facing hunger. Farmers and ranchers aren’t just growing food either: We’re growing jobs in rural, suburban and urban communities alike—46 million jobs, in fact. When you consider there are just over 2 million farms in this country, these yields are amazing. 

This all just skims the surface, but we hope this campaign will help more people see how the farm bill impacts their families and communities by promoting the wellbeing of all Americans and securing our supply of safe, sustainable food, fiber and fuel. Congress needs to hear from all of us, loud and clear, about how important the farm bill is for our families. 

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