Biobased Products

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Getting Creative with Soy

Biobased products, including soy ink, soy foam and thousands of other products, represent an exciting and rapidly-growing market for soybean farmers. There are multiple federal programs that incentivize the growth of this market segment, including the BioPreferred Program.

The soybean industry is partnering with companies and investing resources into biobased product development. Funding from the farmers’ checkoff dollars, administered by the United Soybean Board and state checkoff boards, has been provided to companies for projects to develop soy biobased products. More information about a range of soy products can be found online at

ASA has also partnered with other policy organizations to launch the Ag Bioeconomy Coalition to advance federal policy initiatives that can foster growth in the agriculture bioeconomy. The coalition advocates for all elements of the U.S. agriculture bioeconomy, from products like bio-based fuels, chemicals, manufacturing materials, and consumer goods, to necessary economic tools that support the ag bioeconomy like rural broadband, research, and infrastructure.


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