2021 Soybean Leadership Academy

Jan 14, 2021

The two-day 2021 Soybean Leadership Academy program held virtually this week featured interactive learning opportunities with industry-leading speakers and soybean grower and staff leaders from across the country.

164 participants took part in the training, designed to provide tools and techniques that enable state and national soybean board and association leaders to be more effective, efficient and inspired leaders. Throughout the program, participants had the opportunity to engage with each other and speakers, both on camera and through chat, and in some states, in person.

Featured speakers included Neen James, author of Attention Pays; Vance Crowe, communications consultant; Dr. Matt Roberts, economist; Dan Farney, chairman, USB; Darryl Chatman, senior vice president, governance and compliance, USB; and Christy Seyfert, ASA executive director of government affairs.

Participants also heard from industry leaders including Rick Turner, senior vice president, seeds and traits, BASF; Dr. Kathleen Shelton, chief technology officer, FMC; Scott Hedderich, executive director, corporate affairs, REG; and Todd Van Hoose, CEO, Farm Credit Council.

“ASA is grateful to the industry and state partners that made the 2021 Soybean Leadership Academy possible,” said ASA President Kevin Scott. “We are also thankful for the many soybean leaders who gave their time to participate and engage with one another. The soybean industry is fortunate to have such strong and committed leaders at the state and national level.”


  • BASF
  • Farm Credit Council
  • FMC
  • REG
  • USB

State Sponsors

  • Illinois Soybean Association
  • Indiana Soybean Alliance
  • Iowa Soybean Association
  • Kansas Soybean Commission
  • Kentucky Soybean Association
  • Maryland Soybean Board
  • Michigan Soybean Committee
  • Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council
  • Missouri Soybean Association
  • Nebraska Soybean Board
  • North Carolina Soybean Producers Association
  • North Dakota Soybean Council
  • Ohio Soybean Council
  • South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council
  • Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board
  • Virginia Soybean Board

A special thanks to the Soybean Leadership Academy Steering Committee: Janna Fritz, Kirk Leeds, Kirk Merritt, Hannah Vorsilak and Gary Wheeler.