AMPLIFIES Ghana Launching 3rd Egg Consumption Survey

May 28, 2020

ASA/WISHH’s AMPLIFIES project is launching the third iteration of a survey to measure the household consumption of eggs in Ghana. Increased protein consumption is a vital part of ASA/WISHH’s work and was an important component of the AMPLIFES project. AMPLIFIES’ National Egg Campaign, a consumer education initiative, worked alongside Ghana’s Health Service and other industry partners as well as in schools and communities to educate consumers on the benefits of eating eggs. Per capita egg consumption in Ghana increased from 12 in 1995 to 128 in 2018, a strong trend to drive demand for U.S. soy. WISHH’s strategic partnership not only helped close the protein gap in Ghana but also secured demand for egg producers and sellers. Previous surveys were administered in 2016 and 2018 in coordination with the University of Ghana. The current survey will allow ASA/WISHH to examine trends in consumption that will continue to build capacity for the Ghanaian poultry industry and drive demand for U.S. soy. AMPLIFIES is a USDA Food for Progress-funded project.

Per capita egg consumption in Ghana has increased from 12 in 1995 to 128 in 2018. A new AMPLIFIES survey will measure household consumption of eggs, providing insight into future opportunities for U.S. soy in the Ghanaian poultry industry.