ASA Confirms U.S. Soybean Growers to Lead WISHH

Jul 26, 2021

St. Louis, Missouri. July 26, 2021.  American Soybean Association (ASA) President Kevin Scott has confirmed the election of ASA's World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) officers and committee members for fiscal year 2021-2022. New to the WISHH Committee are Doug Darling (MI) and Denny Mertz (MO). George Goblish (MN) is reappointed. Officers are Chairman Gerry Hayden (KY), Vice Chair Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare (IL), Treasurer Bob Haselwood (KS), and Secretary Morey Hill (IA). In addition, Daryl Cates (ASA), Ed Beaman (USSEC) and David Williams (USB) will serve on the WISHH Committee as ex-officio representatives for their organizations

Scott emphasized gratitude to outgoing WISHH Committee Members David Lueck (MO) and Jim Wilson (MI) for their valuable leadership and countless hours of volunteer service during their terms on WISHH, a program committee of ASA.

“U.S. soybean growers have greatly benefited from Jim and David’s willingness to lead WISHH in its unique role of connecting trade and development for U.S. soy in Africa, Asia and Latin America,” said Scott.

Lueck championed WISHH’s role in aquaculture feed, including the installation of the first in-pond aquaculture raceway in Cambodia, a Missouri soybean checkoff investment. He also hosted WISHH trade teams at his Missouri farm. Wilson brought exceptional business skills to WISHH as treasurer, serving on the executive committee and taking an active role in WISHH’s strategic planning. Before the pandemic, both traveled with WISHH to personally meet with strategic partners for food and feed.

“We also welcome Bob Haselwood, an experienced soybean industry leader, who will assume the role of WISHH treasurer,” Scott said. “Bob and the other WISHH Committee members are trailblazers in helping create new markets for U.S. soy and also making U.S. soy protein available as a nutritious and affordable solution for global food security.”

From Sri Lanka to Ghana to Guatemala, soy food and feed businesses that work with WISHH have demonstrated their commitment to global food security and trade. Many of WISHH’s strategic partners are recognized as essential operations by their governments during the pandemic. Some are running their lines at full capacity, and at the same time, implementing additional food safety, worker health and other requirements. WISHH is supporting them by sharing scientific and technical resources, as well as contributing to food and feed entrepreneurs sharing ideas among countries.

The full slate of U.S. soybean growers who serve on WISHH includes: Gerry Hayden (ASA-KY), Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare (IL), Bob Haselwood (KS), Morey Hill (IA), Tim Bardole (IA), Craig Converse (SD), Doug Darling (MI), Scott Gaffner (IL), George Goblish (MN), Denny Mertz (MO), David Niekamp (IL), Adam Redmann (ND), Dawn Scheier (SD), Bob Suver (OH), Craig Williams (IN) and Bill Wykes (ASA-IL). Daryl Cates (ASA) is an ex-officio member on WISHH on behalf of ASA, along with USB Representative David Williams (MI) and USSEC Representative Ed Beaman.

About WISHH: ASA/WISHH connects trade and development across global market systems, improving food security. Knowing that protein plays an essential role in human nutrition, visionary U.S. soybean growers founded WISHH in 2000 to serve as a catalyst in emerging markets. WISHH brings the power of strategic partnerships to a unique market-systems approach. Local business leaders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions join WISHH in increasing demand and fueling economic growth for the sustained availability of nutritious and affordable human foods and livestock feeds.

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