ASA Elects 2023 Executive Committee, Welcomes 13 New Board Members

Dec 08, 2022

St. Louis, MO. Dec. 8, 2022. During its annual meeting in St. Louis this week, the American Soybean Association elected the leaders who will guide the organization through the coming year’s top advocacy priorities, including the much-anticipated 2023 Farm Bill, among other policy issues.

Daryl Cates (IL), who previously served as ASA vice president, will serve as 2023 ASA president. Cates is a fourth-generation farmer, raising soybeans, corn, wheat, and double crop beans on his family operation. He’s been on the ASA board since 2018.

Immediate past president Brad Doyle (AR) moves to the role of ASA chairman. Former chairman Kevin Scott (SD) rotates off the nine-member executive committee and retires from the board.

The ASA board elected Josh Gackle (ND) as ASA vice president, a role that puts him in line to serve as the association’s president in 2024.

In addition, the board elected Caleb Ragland (KY) as ASA secretary; Scott Metzger (OH) as treasurer; and Dave Walton (IA), Alan Meadows (TN), Ronnie Russell (MO), and Jered Hooker (IL) as at-large members of the executive committee.

In addition to Scott, ASA bid farewell to and celebrated the efforts of several other directors who retired this week, including Jerry Bambauer (OH); Gerry Hayden (KY); Brian Kemp (IA); Willard Jack (MS); Matt Stutzman (MI); and Ron Moore (IL). Moore served as ASA president in 2017, and Hayden served as WISHH chair from 2020-22.

ASA welcomed 13 new directors who began their nine-year terms, including John Fleming (NC); Janna Fritz (MI); Elaine Gillis (IN); Rusty Goebel (OH); Tanner Johnson (WI); Jeff King (KY); John Mark Looney (MS); Jim Martin (IL); Jordan Scott (SD); Jimmie Lee Shaw (SC); Justin Sherlock (ND); Pat Swanson (IA); and Russell Wolf (MO).