ASA Honors Dr. Gary List with Pinnacle Award

Mar 02, 2024

The American Soybean Association recognized Dr. Gary List, retired research chemist, with its top honor during an awards ceremony at the Commodity Classic trade show in Houston.


Dr. Gary List

The Pinnacle Award is an industrywide recognition of a lifetime of work that demonstrates the highest level of contribution and leadership within the soybean family and industry.


Dr. List is recognized internationally as an authority on oilseed processing and the technology behind edible fats and oils. Over the last 50 years, he has contributed to nearly every major development in the edible fats and oils industry. His work has had a positive, long-lasting impact on the soybean industry.


For 44 years, List worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Northern Regional Research Laboratory in Peoria, Illinois. His work and discoveries led to healthier and more nutritious edible fats and oils, which, in turn, led to increased use of soybean products.


Because of research led by Dr. List on the deterioration of soybeans in the export market and the identification of factors leading to poor quality of soybean oil, these issues have not been reported for 30 years, thereby allowing U.S. soy to maintain its strong export market today.


In 2011, the University of Illinois awarded List an honorary Doctor of Science degree in recognition of his research on soybean oil.


In another notable accomplishment in his lengthy career, Dr. List and his research group provided data to show that Roundup Ready and conventional cultivars are equivalent. The data backing this point played a key role in acceptance of those genetically modified seeds in soybean markets.


Dr. List’s cutting-edge research was instrumental in building today’s edible fats and oils markets and has been documented in nearly 500 publications. ASA congratulates Dr. Gary List on his lifetime achievements and this prestigious award!