ASA & Other Ag Groups: ‘Governors, Be Mindful of Supply Chain Impacts’

Mar 26, 2020

ASA and other ag groups sent a letter this week requesting that, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, state governors be mindful of supply chain and workforce impacts on the ag community when considering individual response plans.

Consistency is important for farmers to continue operating and providing necessary inputs for the food and agriculture supply chain, especially as they approach spring planting season. These include, but are certainly not limited to, impacts on accessibility of seed, fertilizer, crop protection products, credit providers, agricultural labor, equipment, grains, oilseeds and processed commodities, flour, animal food and ingredients for food-producing animals, modes of transportation, daily movement of milk and all other agricultural commodities.

ASA and state affiliates will continue working with national and local government officials to ensure growers’ abilities to keep operating and provide the nation with a safe and abundant food and fiber supply now and in the future. Read the full letter here.