ASA Recognizes Ryan Bivens, KY, with Outstanding State Volunteer Award

Mar 11, 2023

Orlando, FL. March 10, 2023. The American Soybean Association honored Ryan Bivens, Hodgenville, Kentucky, with its Outstanding State Volunteer Award at the annual ASA Awards Celebration during the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando.


The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes the dedication and exemplary contributions of volunteers with at least three years of volunteer service in any area of their state association’s operation.


Bivens has been a member of the Kentucky Soybean Association for 22 years, and as one of Kentucky’s most active and dependable volunteers, has proven he is truly an outstanding state volunteer.


Bivens is always willing to educate soybean farmers about the various policy issues impacting them, and, in turn, meet with lawmakers and agriculture staff to explain how policy impacts U.S. soy growers and the ag industry.


As a Kentucky director, Bivens helps develop state and national policy direction and represents soybean farmers at workshops, field days and farm events, including the state fair. He also assists in the key areas of fundraising, membership recruitment and member retention.


“It takes numerous volunteers completing a wide range of tasks—both large and small—to maintain a successful association. Ryan is a humble volunteer who goes above and beyond, donating his time and energy across the board,” said ASA President Daryl Cates, an Illinois soy grower. “His strong commitment and active volunteer support have been instrumental in maintaining a robust and thriving state association.”


Bivens has participated in numerous leadership education programs, given presentations in schools and participated in interviews with media at the local, state, national and international levels.

He was instrumental in leading the construction of the Kentucky Soybean Association’s new office a few years ago, resulting in a building that, in addition to staff offices, provides space for a variety of meetings and collaboration with industry groups.


Colleagues at the Kentucky Soybean Association say Bivens is just as willing to lend his support behind the scenes, whether packing up banners after an event or serving barbeque to legislative staff, as he is to do on-camera media interviews or testify before the state general assembly.