ASA Submits Comments on RFS Proposed Volumes for 2020/2021

Aug 28, 2019

ASA this week called for EPA to increase biomass-based diesel volume requirements for 2021, increase Advanced Biofuel volumes for 2020 and to begin restoring the billions of gallons of demand that have been waived through the retroactive small refinery exemptions.

ASA and NBB voiced concerns in July when the EPA announced zero-growth for the biomass-based diesel and advanced biofuels volumes. ASA said the proposal doesn't reflect the needs and capabilities of the domestic biodiesel and soybean industries—and is a big miss for growers.

In its comments, ASA also called on EPA to restore the volumes that courts have determined were unlawfully waived in 2016 through improper use of the general waiver authority. ASA specifically cited the benefits that the RFS and increased biodiesel production provide to diversifying our energy supplies, reducing emissions, providing enhanced markets for soybean farmers and boosting the rural economy.

The refinery exemptions granted by EPA, including the 31 recently issued retroactively for 2018, are additional blows to soybean markets that are already depressed.

ASA will continue to work with USDA, EPA, and the White House to improve implementation of the RFS going forward. Read ASA’s letter here.