ASA/WISHH Monitoring & Evaluation Staff Work to Align Data Management Systems Across Projects

Jul 18, 2019

Rady Chea, managing director of Agrimaster, a Cambodian feed milling company, shows Michelle Calhoun and Megan Francic of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, the offloading facility where his company unloads bulk feedstuff, including U.S. soybean meal, shipped up the Mekong River from Ho Chi Minh City.

ASA/WISHH Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) staff met this week to discuss data collection tools, management systems and reporting guidelines for USDA-funded Food for Progress projects run by WISHH in Cambodia and Ghana.

ASA/WISHH’s work in Food for Progress allows U.S. soy to holistically engage in developing markets in order to build capacity and create sustainable trade partnerships.

The ASA/WISHH Director of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) met with Cephas Agbesi Tsikudo and Tola Heng to discuss aligning data management systems across projects. Tsikudo is the M&E Manager for the AMPLIFIES project in Ghana and has worked with the project for nearly four years to measure ASA/WISHH’s impact on the growth of the poultry feed industry among other activities.

Heng joined ASA/WISHH’s CAST Cambodia aquaculture project in May and has worked hard to build the foundation for CAST’s M&E systems. Soybean products provide an affordable source of protein that can partially replace fish protein to ensure lower production costs and affordable aquatic-source proteins in Cambodia. Optimistic feed conversion ratios of 2:1 across the aquaculture industry with 20% average soybean meal inclusion rates could generate demand for over 100,000 MT/year soybean meal by 2030. ASA/WISHH will work with the feed industry in Cambodia to find reliable U.S. trade linkages to meet growing aquaculture demand.