ASA WISHH Uses Aps, Interactive Technology to Collect Data, Track Impact of AMPLIFIES Ghana Project

Nov 21, 2019

Cephas Agbesi Tsikudo explains how organizations can use electronic data collection instruments and cloud-based computing to adaptively manage their programs.

ASA-WISHH presented to industry leaders and USDA staff earlier this week, highlighting how the AMPLIFIES Ghana project is leveraging technology to collect data and manage the program.

Cephas Agbesi Tsikudo, the M&E manager for the AMPLIFIES project, presented at the American Evaluation Association’s (AEA) annual conference in Minneapolis, chronicling how the project uses mobile applications and interactive dashboards to collect and utilize performance monitoring data. For nearly four years, Tsikudo has worked with the project to measure ASA-WISHH’s impact on the growth of the poultry feed industry, among other activities.

Tsikudo’s presentation titled, Leveraging cloud-based computing and electronic data collection instruments to adaptively manage programs: An overview of the AMPLIFIES Ghana Project, was hosted by the International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation (ICCE) Topical Interest Group (TIG).

The presentation also highlighted the cost-effectiveness of this approach and shared tips to enhance data quality. WISHH recently created a similar system for the CAST Cambodia project and will begin implementing the applications in 2020.