Cambodian Animal Feed Millers Receive Technical Assistance

Mar 28, 2019

Dr. Carlos Campabadal (left) with Mr. Pich Hyd (right), feed production and pig farm manager of Kaksethan Chroukmeas Development Co., Ltd’s feed mill in Cambodia.

ASA WISHH organized an animal feed workshop this week in Cambodia, providing technical assistance to local feed millers in an effort to help them grow the animal production industry with U.S. soy.

Around 20 feed millers and swine producers attended the workshop, which covered quality control, mixing, pelleting and cooling.

Dr. Carlos Campabadal, a Kansas State University (KSU) International Grain Program (IGP) feed technical expert, presented at the workshop and providing five feed millers with technical assistance.

In June, WISHH will bring a trade team to the KSU International Grains Program (IGP) feed course.

Funding for Campadah’s trip and part of the IGP Feed trade team expenses is provided by the Kansas Soybean Commission.