Celebrating International Women’s Day: #MakeItHappen for #WomensDay

Mar 13, 2015

WomensDayDid you know March 8 was International Women’s Day and in addition, the entire month of March is dedicated to women? Social media is abuzz this week using the hashtags #MakeItHappen and #WomensDay with individuals from all over the world sharing stories, events, impact and more to celebrate women’s achievements and call for greater women’s equality. To learn more about what’s happening around the world this month, visit

A World Soy Foundation (WSF) project that saw particular success was called the Youth We Feed Can Lead, which empowered young girls at a small school in Guatemala to be agents of change in their community. The project combined low-cost video production training and equipment with nutrition education to encourage young girls to have a voice in their community.

In the photo, you see a young girl named Maribel from the Guatemalan school where the project took place. Maribel's smile and the fact that she has just put on two headsets shows her excitement about the project. Maribel and her classmates wear traditional clothing while their immediate love of film making technology gives a view into how quickly these girls embrace new opportunities. As a member of a video team, Maribel and the other girls began a discovery process to learn about and document the nutritional needs and choices in their "My Community, My Country" video. As a result of the project, the girls said they had new vision for themselves as future journalists and nutritionists. The WSF celebrates the women and girls of the world not only this month, but each and every day!

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