July President’s Message

Aug 01, 2018

I’ve noticed a lot of different messages in the news this month about what soybean growers think of the Section 301 tariffs, and how these tariffs and the trade war with China may affect farmers and all of agriculture across the country.

ASA continues to urge the Administration to find non-tariff solutions to ongoing trade disputes. However we have broadened our message to emphasize the need to finish NAFTA and negotiate new Free Trade Agreements with countries that import soy and livestock products in order to provide long-term market stability. This emphasis reflects our concern that, even after the tariff is lifted, China could decide to continue shifting an increasing share of its soybean imports from the U.S. to Brazil and other countries. I believe it is essential for our states and growers to speak with a unified voice on this vital concern.

Each state and each grower have a unique story to tell— and that’s why news outlets want to hear from all of us. But to truly be impactful, we must bring the same end message to our stories: that this trade war with China is going to be harmful to us, our operations and our communities, and the long-term impact of the tariff needs to be offset by increasing soy exports to existing and new markets.

We certainly appreciate the Administration’s efforts to provide short-term assistance to growers, and we are thankful that the President highlighted soybeans in his recent talks with the European Union. We all should continue to encourage the Administration to find more export market opportunities for U.S. soybeans.

I thank each of you for the time you’ve spent advocating on Capitol Hill, in the news and on social media. I’m proud to be the President of ASA and to represent my fellow soybean growers during this vital time for agriculture. Let’s continue to work together, bringing a unified message to everything we do.

Thank you,




John Heisdorffer