Learn How to Get a Strong Yield from Your Soybeans with New ASA Podcast

Apr 11, 2013

wpodcastlogoSyngenta Key Account Agronomist Barry Soliday is featured in this week’s ASA Educational Podcast, sponsored by Syngenta. Soliday talks about maintaining the right agronomic practices throughout the year to maximize yield at harvest.

"To enable soybeans to yield strong, growers should apply an effective combination of a fungicide and insecticide later in the growing season,"

Soliday said. "The right tank-mix application during the reproductive growth stages, typically R3 or R4, can elevate soybeans to reach their full genetic potential by shielding plants from environmental stress, diseases, as well as insect pests so growers can see better results at harvest."

Hear more from this Syngenta expert – take a couple minutes today to listen to this week’s ASA Educational Podcast.