On International Youth Day, ASA/WISHH Celebrates Another Award for AMPLIFIES Ghana Partner Isaac Sesi

Aug 12, 2021

Isaac Sesi, ASA/WISHH’s strategic partner for the Assisting the Management of Poultry and Layer Industries with Feed Improvement and Efficiency Strategies (AMPLIFIES) Project in Ghana, is racking up awards. On the heels of being selected by MIT Technology Review as one of 35 Innovators Under 35, Sesi has now been honored as one of 50 Next’s 50 people shaping the future of gastronomy.

Isaac Sesi, WISHH’s strategic partner on the AMPLIFIES Project, continues to be honored for his innovation.

ASA/WISHH’s AMPLIFIES project partnered Sesi with poultry and crop farmers in Ghana. Sesi’s company, Sesi Technology, created the GrainMate moisture meter, which is used by crop farmers to measure and maintain the quality of their grains. In addition, poultry farmers use the device to measure the amount of feed they are giving their livestock. GrainMate and Sesi Technologies have been a valuable tool in expanding the market for U.S. soy in Ghana, and Sesi is expanding his own operation to other African countries as well. He’s continuing to receive honors for his fresh approach and ingenuity in the process.

Sesi Technologies is a team of young people committed to stamping out poverty and boosting farmers in Africa. Sesi Technologies prides itself as a company where young people thrive in their efforts to combat import issues facing Africa. 50 Next notes that Sesi “is empowering African farmers with affordable technology.” That Sesi’s company empowers farmers to succeed is also a natural fit for ASA/WISHH’s strategic plan, which puts an emphasis on strategic partnerships to position U.S. soy as a reliable source of protein in emerging markets. AMPLIFIES demonstrations with GrainMate have helped farmers reduce losses and increase productivity.

Sesi has built on the work of the AMPLIFIES Project by bringing GrainMate to areas where ASA/WISHH has set up grain warehouses. He’s noted before that ASA/WISHH’s connection has been a valuable one in the expansion of his company, saying in the past, “AMPLIFIES beneficiaries have also been good ambassadors for the technology and helping convince other poultry farmers within the farmer-based organization to adopt the technology.”

AMPLIFIES, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food for Progress program, has been proud to work with international youth like Sesi. He and his company are great examples of the U.N.’s theme for International Youth Day, “Transforming Youth Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.” It’s no wonder he’s continuing to be honored for his work. We’re sure the Next 50 honor won’t be the last.